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    Sergeant (Ret’d) Mike Beaulieu. (Submitted photo)

    Sergeant (Ret’d) Mike Beaulieu with his red, yellow, white quilt around his shoulders
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    Sergeant (Ret’d) Mike Beaulieu. (Submitted photo)

    Warrant Officer (Ret’d) Irvin (Curly) Andrews with his green and tan quilt around his shoulders
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    Sergeant (Ret’d) Mike Beaulieu. (Submitted photo)

    Colonel (Ret’d) Dave Marshall with his mult-coloured quilt around his shoulders
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    Master Warrant Officer (Ret’d) Ken Miles receiving a CO’s Coin. (Submitted photo)

    Master Warrant Officer (Ret’d) Ken Miles holding his CO’s Coin with two other people



2 RCHA Association Update


Posted on Thursday October 1, 2020

Hello to the Greater Gunner Community. The 2 RCHA Association (2 RCHA A) continues to grow and we have just surpassed our 300th member. Although the Regiment’s and the Association’s activities, including our planned reunion were cancelled this year due to COVID, we were still able to have a luncheon on 29 Aug as the province of Ontario entered Stage Three of recovery.

We had a great turnout for our luncheon with about 50 people making it out. We had folks in from Ottawa, Kingston, and the local Area. WO (Ret’d) Jim Myler was on hand and was able to present Quilts of Valour to three very deserving Veterans, and members of the Association. As well the CO, LCol Sarah Heer, and RSM, CWO Aaron Todd presented a CO’s coin to MWO (Ret’d) Ken Miles for his continued support to the Regiment. 

The mission of the 2 RCHA A is to support and serve the serving and retired members of 2 RCHA and their families.

We take as our mandate the following;
• provide a forum for the discussion of common issues and a peer to peer support network;
• organize Association activities IOT invigorate the retired Regimental community;
• serve as a source of information for retired members on Regimental activities to which retired members are invited to, or are encouraged to participate in; and 
• assist the Regiment with Non-Publicly Funded activities and projects.

Registration for the Association can be done at: www.2rcha.com

The Quits of Valour is an incredible volunteer organization that sews and and arranges for quilts to be delivered to deserving CAF members and veterans.

Their “mission is to ensure that injured Canadian Forces members are recognized for their service and commitment to our country. We give this support through the presentation of quilts to comfort our injured past and present Canadian Forces members“.

More information on the program and eligibility criteria can be found at https://www.quiltsofvalour.ca/who-we-are-1

Our next luncheon is planned for the April time frame. Other planned activities in conjunction with The Artillery 150 celebrations are being planned for summer 2021 and details will follow shortly. 

To everyone, stay safe, stay healthy, and good shooting. 


Dan Moyer
CWO (Ret’d)
2 RCHA Association